Welcome to the Jiggle Puzzle Tribute Site!

Jiggle Puzzles, or Dexterity Puzzles, have entertained children and collectors throughout the last century, and continue to fascinate.

Because they were a fairly cheap alternative to the more expensive toys then available, they became hugely popular during the 1930's, and retained their grip on the toy market through the years that followed.

A young child could spend hours honing hand-eye coordination before mastering one of these games.

Jiggle Puzzles as presented on this site are typically small round or square puzzles with movable pieces enclosed within a cardboard or wooden frame and a transparent glass or plastic window.These games are then shaken, wiggled, nudged or tilted in order to send the mobile playing piece to its proper destination point - often a slightly recessed cavity or partially enclosed stall. The inside of the toy visible through the window usually has vibrant scenes printed on it, providing a setting for the game, and usually the instructions for play.

Four typical Jiggle Puzzles are shown below.

Round puzzle showing a football (soccer) game
Round puzzle with the image of Paul Kruger
Round puzzle with the image of Sgt. 'Biff' O'Hara
Round puzzle with the image of a black woman advertising Star Soap

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